Our Vision, Mission, and Values

Our  mission and vision

The Bellagio Global Health Education Initiative is a collaborative of multi-national, interdisciplinary health educators and students focused on advancing global health education of health professions students and faculty preparedness to build competencies and contribute to evidence-based curricula and pedagogy across diversely-resourced settings.

Our values

Diversity: open to members and collaborators from all socioeconomic settings, ethnicities, genders, nationalities, and ages.

Expertise:  members are thought leaders and experts in global health education theory and practice.

Innovation:  promote the use of technology, emerging educational models, and evaluation to measure progress towards entrustment.

Collaboration: work in interdisciplinary groups that include health professions students, faculty, and other colleagues with interests in global health education.

Our governance

We believe that at this stage of development, the organization should remain relatively “flat” with an Executive Committee/PIs who take responsibility for communications and in-person meetings of the large group, assisting small groups, membership in BGHEI, and concerns about authorship.  Each small group has leaders responsible for managing meetings of the small group, determining collaborations and recommending new members.

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