Transformative learning as pedagogy for the health professions: a scoping review

We are pleased to share with you our latest paper, a scoping review that provides a comprehensive synthesis of how transformative learning is currently represented in the health professions education literature, including how it influences curricular activities, to inform its future application in the field.

The training of health professionals often takes place in unfamiliar settings where students are encouraged to be active participants in providing care. This increases the opportunity for exposure to learning experiences that are potentially transformative, allowing for a pedagogy of uncertainty that acknowledges the complexity of the world we live in and questions what we believe we know about it. Transformative learning provides educators in the health professions with a theoretical lens through which they can view such student learning.

Van Schalkwyk, S. C., Hafler, J. , Brewer, T. F., Maley, M. A., Margolis, C. , McNamee, L. , Meyer, I. , Peluso, M. J., Schmutz, A. M., Spak, J. M., Davies, D. and , (2019), Transformative learning as pedagogy for the health professions: a scoping review. Med Educ. doi:10.1111/medu.13804

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